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Customer Services


For Us To Consider

Please note your notification is an automated process and will automatically be added to your policy.  Your submission will not be reviewed and not responded to.  

Please do not use this form for Customer Services; cancelation, renewal, refund or claims enquiries.  You will not receive a response.

When dealing with a policy, contact, request or claim we want to ensure we are dealing with all our customers in a correct and appropriate way, that considers their specific circumstances. We also recognise that some disabilities, access requirements and communications needs are not always apparent either online, via live chat, email or the phone.

It would be helpful for us to know what we may need to consider when dealing with your policy, contact, request or claim.  If you wish for us to consider any disability, access requirement, communication need or vulnerability then it would assist us to understand these so that we can tailor our communications and approach, where possible and appropriate, to deliver the best possible service to you.

We do appreciate that this can be a sensitive subject and you may not wish to provide this information.  In not providing this information, rest assured it will not alter how we deal with your policy, contact, request or claim, if at a later date you wish to make us aware of something you feel we need to consider