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Home Emergency

Home Emergency Cover

Home Emergency Insurance

Your home is a safe space where you go to rest and recharge. Misfortunes rarely happen, but when they do, you want it fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the rest of your home. Nova Direct home emergency cover can help you in this situation

Home Emergency Cover

Why you need home emergency cover?

Home emergency insurance is designed to provide cover when unexpected situations arise in your home, for things not included in standard buildings and contents insurance. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that when something goes wrong, assistance will be on the way.  

What is covered by home emergency insurance?

If your boiler suddenly breaks down in the middle of winter, or your pipes burst in the bathroom and flood the top floor, our home emergency cover will help. Created specifically for emergency situations, that affect your immediate living environment, it will cover the costs of call out for tradesmen up to a set limit.

Home emergency insurance will cover you for:

Plumbing and drainage problems. This includes blocked drains, burst and leaking pipes and
Boiler breakdown and faulty heating
Electrical wiring covers you against the failure of the main electrical supply in your home
Home security  including locks and doors that have been compromised

What home emergency does not cover? 

We do not cover general wear and tear on your home that is due to maintenance issues or pre-exiting conditions such as damp and rot. Claims for emergencies that occur within 14 days of taking out your policy will also not be covered. Please refer to the Home Emergency Cover Policy Wording for full details.

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