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Customer Services


Let’s help you validate your policy

Ensuring you validate your policy is vitality important as not doing so could impact your claim, leading to it being denied or a limitation placed on the claims settlement. Please note that we require all validations to be completed via My Account.  We cannot accept requests by phone or live chat.

How do I validation a policy change?

To validate your policy please:

  • Login to My Account
  • Link your policy
  • Click View Details, on the policy you wish to validate
  • Click the Validation button

We may have automatically set you up an account during your policy purchase, if you have you forgotten your password you can request a new password.  If you do not have an account you or receive an error, similar to, “Email address not recognised” you can register for free.

What happens and when?

Validation is free within the first 7 days following your purchase.  Thereafter, there is a £4.99 administration fee for late validation, which is non-refundable fee. It’s something we mention at the time of purchase and detailed in our Fees & Charges Guide. We will action your validation within 2 working days and email you confirmation, once the your validation information has been added to your Policy.